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The latest venture is into the future of an art form that hails from the past - radio.

The rapid growth of the podcast landscape created opportunities for scripted audio-content, inspired by the radio-plays of the early 20th century. And Fiksel, already a true believer in aural storytelling and the art of the “unseen”, is actively pursuing developing this new/old medium. In 2018, he was brought on to lead Audio Production team of Make Believe Association, a new company dedicated to creating original audio-plays and performances. Make Believe’s inaugural season featured several acclaimed original programs, including Bruh Rabbit, recognized as #9 on IndieWire’s list of Top 50 podcasts of 2019. And currently, Fiksel is in production of “City on Fire” - a collaboration with NPR/ WBEZ and Make Believe, which will be a docudrama exploring the events surrounding the 1919 race riots in Chicago. “City on Fire” is slated for broadcast and release in early October.

IN 2019/2020, Make Believe Association is in pre-production of their 2nd Series - “Chicago Stories”. And in addition, Fiksel will be working with Audible Originals and designing/scoring their upcoming commission and collaboration with The Geffen Theatre in LA.

Convinced of the power and the yet-to-be-tapped potential of this medium, Fiksel is exploring new possibilities and welcomes new partnerships and collaborations.