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Initially a theatrical artist, Fiksel pursued his curiosity and appreciation of the screen, both as a composer and a sound designer. He has scored several independent feature films, including “Glitch” and “The Wise Kids” as well several shorts such as “Alien Queens”, “Both/And” and “The Learning Curve” (a short film inspired by an acclaimed immersive theatrical production exploring the high school experience).

Fiksel has worked on several trailers and promotional videos for various corporate and non-for-profit clients and expanding on his collaboration with Albany Park Theatre Project, he worked with documentary director Dan Andries, scoring several film adaptions of APTP’s stage plays, including “Feast” which received the 2018 Emmy (Midwest) for Direction.

All these experiences have been very fulfilling and inspiring, and so Fiksel is continuously seeking new collaborations and opportunities in the film landscape.